Here are some frequently asked questions about our Connection Groups!

Hey Vintage Family, in today's lesson in the Tangible Kingdom Primer I read a really good quote. It said, "If missional means 'to go', incarnation in how you go and what people see as you go. It encompasses your posture, your tone, your motives, and your heart. Incarnation is critical because it will eventually determine whether or not people will want to know you or your God."


Last weekend Jessica and I took a trip out to Lincoln to meet up with Landon's birth parents, Spirit and Jordan. We took the camper out because it's way cheaper than a hotel and eating in restaurants. We invited Spirit, Jordan and Landon's brother Carlisle out to the campground where we were staying to spend the day with us. As I was walking over to the payment kiosk on Saturday afternoon I walked by a camper and someone said, "Hey Wayne". Being a couple hundred miles from home this took me a bit off guard!


Kevin, who has visited Vintage in the past, was there camping with his family for the weekend. I've know Kevin for a long time and stopped to catch up for a bit. After I said goodbye I walked the rest of the way to pay for my campsite but I kept thinking about how it couldn't be random that I ran into Kevin so from home.


On my way back to my camper I asked him if he had plans for the following morning, which was Sunday. He said, "No, why? Are you going to have a church service?" I said, "I wasn't planning on it but Jesus said that where two or more are gathered in My name, there I am among them. Stop by around 9:30 in the morning if you want!"


When I got back to the camper Jordan, Landon's birth father, asked how our church was doing. I was able to share with him the cool thing God had just done. Whether Jordan fully realized it or not he had just witnessed a miracle. God put Kevin and I at the same campground on the same weekend to share life and encourage one another. Because of that I was able to show Jordan that God is real and wants to do cool stuff. 


The next morning Kevin came over and we spent a couple hours sharing Scripture with each other and talking about what Jesus has been teaching us lately. I told him about our Wednesday night group and he loved the idea of the community we are creating and wants to join us.


Here's why I tell you all of this. Jesus exists everywhere, including inside of me and you. Where we go, He goes. I truly believe He wants to do things that will blow our socks off if we are willing to follow wherever He leads. Jesus is on a mission to redeem humanity and He's inviting us along on the adventure. When people like Kevin and Jordan get to know me I hope they want to know my God. Living this missional life is uncomfortable and uncertain at times but Jesus has been doing awesome stuff lately!


It's not too late to join our Wednesday night group! We meet at my house at 6:30, share a meal, encourage one another and talk about how to live life in such a way that causes other to want to get to know our God! Have a great week everyone!